Things you may not have known about our village (including 'village gossip'!!)

posted 15 Sep 2014, 02:13 by Marden Village   [ updated 18 Sep 2018, 02:23 ]
Marden Henge is older than Stonehenge. It has been excavated on numerous occasions and although there is not much to see above the ground, the earthworks are still a prominent feature.

Marden played Patney (a neighbouring village) in a tennis challenge at the beginning of September and Patney walked away with the cup. Better luck next year to Mardeners.

Marden K is an anagram of Denmark - Our last famous Danish man left in 2011 for Cyprus. Morten, who can trace his ancestry back to the real Vikings, can still be seen keeping the local hostelries in business with his wife Sally when he visits England.

AEthelraed and AElfraed (yes, correct Anglo Saxon spellings)....who fought the Danes here (behind the pub) in 891 and sent them packing. A significant win for the 2 Wessex brothers who are responsible for us retaining English roots/rule.

Marden has a telephone box with no telephone. It is a place where we can swap books so that we are never short of something interesting to read on our holidays. It is twinned with an identical red box in Thurlestone, Devon!

There are 62 houses in Marden - Around 150 inhabitants including Logan Stradling, our newest arrival.

Ray Bullen sells local Marden honey from his house in the village, and is very knowledgable about local events.