Phone Box - Marden Exchange

Phone Box - Marden Exchange

Marden exchange serves as a decorative focal point and venue for occasional, village gatherings.
Our motto is "Bonus est loqui" "It's good to talk"
For much of the year the Exchange is used as a Bookswap open to all, just take one and leave one.
In 2013 Marden Exchange was twinned with Thurlestone Exchange in Devon.
We have an Exchange resident, Gladys, who makes makes the occasional seasonal appearance.

Marden Exchange Book Swap

The book swap has been well used over the summer by Mardeners and readers outside the village and there has been a good, varied selection of books turning over. However on a couple of recent occasions someone has 'kindly' donated piles of books which we cannot house. So this is a gentle reminder that we only have ( and need ) one Book Swap House Rule

Put one good book in and take one good book out at a time

Should anyone see a non Mardener dropping off a load of books (which I think is what has been happening) could they just be given this gentle reminder please. Thank you!

Our telephone box is twinned with an identical one in Thurlestone, Devon - thanks to the Carter family and Sue Collison. 
 This is our lovely phone box - which we own!

Picture Below - courtesy of Alan Coggins - Halloween at the Marden phone box - 
(no its not Alan inside as he took the picture!)