The Millstream Pub

We are very fortunate to have a fabulous pub in our village, with excellent food and a warm welcome!  

Telephone number:   01380 848490

In  light of the Government announcement, Kate has decided to close the business until further notice. This is due to making sure we are viable for government grants and reliefs she can apply for to keep her staff employed through this difficult time.

However, Kate is here and the place is stocked with food that she would like to get rid of to locals, and anyone who requires anything, subject to availability.

Anyone wishing to make a donation for food items that we need to move on will need to ring Kate and speak to her personally.

Locals will be of first priority and it will be a first come first serve basis until we run out of stock.

It will be collection only, if anyone is stuck at home, maybe a buddy could collect for them.

Marden, Wiltshire

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