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From the shelter of our beautiful rural idyll during these glorious spring days it can be hard to grasp the reality of the Covid 19 situation elsewhere. However increasingly we are all being brought closer to its impact in our own networks of friends and family.

For the rest of the lockdown we will use our own British ‘landmark’, our phone box, to send out a Big Blue Thank You to all NHS staff, all carers, and volunteers and to let them know that though we may be far from the ‘front line’ we are with them in our thoughts and hearts. It would be great if you could help get this kick started and spread the word...

The phone box has had an ( interior ) temporary blue makeover for Clap for Carers and be lit with blue candles every Thursday eve. There will be a box of sheets of A4 blue card in the phone box. All you have to do is take 1 or 2 pieces and cut out 2 hearts from each one with a hole cut in the top. Write your message of thanks - it could be a general thanks or perhaps a more personal one to someone looking after a loved one. Then just return your hearts to the phone box and they will all be hung up. If you are the link for someone who is self isolating then perhaps you could pick card up for them. This can all be done without any direct contact.

I will then make sure to photograph our Big Blue Phone Box Thank You and send it on to the NHS.

Thank you!

S x

Marden Exchange's motto is "bonus est loqui" - "It's good to talk".  And it certainly gets people talking!

When not in very good use as a village book swap, it also hosts village gatherings, halloween pumpkin carving competitions, and even a royal photo booth.  

In 2013 Marden Exchange was twinned with a similar phonebox in Thurlestone, S. Devon, the first known twinning of its kind.  It made headline news as a result.  Our phonebox resident, Gladys, thoroughly enjoyed the limelight.

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